Unnamed © 2011

I love the way God makes you shine
I love how you are pure devine
what can this be that I do seek
is it real or is fate just messing with me
How do I know you are the one for me
So many questions I dare ask
But yet I can’t speak
Words are trapped in a busy mind
legs and body fall for it everytime
I guess I must look within myself
To seek to build to find like nobody else
take my hand and co-pilot my mind help me find the road to your mind.
I want to know and be in-sync
Breath as one and let our love infect
To spread like a wild fire
As it grows
create our very own
amazing as it would feel
A split second my soul tells me to yield
Is it more than what it is meant to be
What is this love I do dare speak.

2 thoughts on “Unnamed © 2011

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  1. Wow I really feel this one! Love can be expressed so many ways and I love the words and phrases you chose for this one. Thank you for keeping the idea of what love should be alive! 🙂

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